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Reflecting on Adulthood and Parenting

This morning, I read an article in the Washington Post on parenting as a member of Generation X by Alison Slater Tate. What struck me forcibly about this article, and what makes it stand out among so many decriers of the Millennials or the Plurals or whatever we’re calling the next generation, is that it shows

Death in Late Adulthood, End of Summer

I originally started on this project with the intention of seeing adulthood through the eyes of religion. After some inquiry, this led me to question the principles on which adulthood is founded and the role religion plays within that. I concluded that some recognition of personal mortality is necessary for individuals to transition into a

The End of Summer

With classes right around the corner, we’re wrapping up the summer Adulthood research. It’s been a very productive summer, and it’s been exciting to watch my research assistants develop their own takes on the data we’ve collected and the current conversation around adulthood in the U.S. What strikes me most about this past summer are the

Kids These Days…

Well in the midst of Adulthood madness of this August, I have been doing some research regarding my topic of anti-adulthood and the differences between the generations. Oh wait, there really aren’t any… When you were a kid, a teenager, or in your early twenties, did you ever hear older people say “kids these days”?

Understanding Mortality in the Transition to Adulthood

During my time with the Adulthood Project, it has become clear that the ideas about adulthood have remained relatively stable over time. Five generic markers receive the historic and current spotlight: completion of higher education, a steady job, financial independence, marriage, and having kids. What has changed in the American population is when and how

Ascension to Adulthood

As it was my first week on Adulthood Project, I have found my experience thus far to be like dipping my toe in a large pool. The information on adulthood is as vast as it interesting with many aspects to explore and ideas to expand. I am interested in how religion influences the ascension to

College, Class Mobility, And The Transition Into Adulthood

During my first week working on the adulthood project this summer I explored  two questions; is college really helping to increase class mobility, and does the transition into adulthood vary depending on social class? I was curious to see how much one’s social class affected our experiences, in terms of education and adulthood. I came