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My First Week with the Work-Family Conlfict

This week was my first week of research with the Summer 2014 Team. Since I missed all of the spring training for the team, this first week was busy learning the ropes and deciding on a research topic to explore during my three weeks with the project. All in all, it was a busy week

Are you living the American Dream in your twenties?

This week in The Adulthood Project we went to The Chicago History Museum to look around in the research library. We found some really great advice columns from Ask Ann which were written in the late 50s. They showed some really great examples of how family life was back then and how that generation grew into

“Married” to Adulthood: Straying from Life-Course Patterns

Before classes broke out for summer the Adulthood Project whisked me in the direction of finance. Many have identified financial independence and financial responsibilities as a marker of adulthood. Yet there is a concern for Gen X and Millenials and their ability to be self sustaining adults in today’s economy. They do not seem to fit any

A New Field Season

Over the course of the early phases of the Adulthood Project, I have experimented with different styles of team work, ranging from project development to field work. It has been a learning process for me to go from the typically solo work of ethnography to the team-based approach. One thing I didn’t fully grasp was that in

Did you grow up in a gladiator school?

This week in The Adulthood Project… We had a really good start to the month! This week I set up a bunch of phone and in person interviews. Each member of the team will be interviewing someone about their experiences with adulthood and coming of age. After a few days of transcribing interviews, I think

Educating myself on vocational education

My first week of work this summer introduced me to a little bit of everything going on with the Adulthood Project; however I became very excited about my independent research topic for the project. I have decided to focus on vocational education in high schools; while it is commonly said that these programs have changed

Watching a Project Grow

Over the last several years, I have watched the Adulthood Project grow from a curious question (“Why do the college students I teach seem so anxiously committed to a single path to adulthood?”) to a sprawling research agenda involving over a dozen students, hundreds of interviews, and still more archived media reports. I am very excited